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Red Light Therapy

Red Light TherapyI started using the red light therapy in the beginning of November 2017 and have continued twice a week as instructed and I have to say that it does what it says! 5 Stars!

I work out a lot and at 52 I’m no stranger to joint and muscle pain which has all but totally gone away, my skin has cleared up and like the reports I’ve read say my hair grows faster. This is one benefit I could do without.

I’m definitely continuing with my twice a week therapy which at my age is recommended. The staff at Glow Tanning is always professional and polite, I look forward to going for my 15 minute break on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The red light therapy is an updated tanning bed with red lights replacing the uv bulbs for tanning. The rooms are meticulously clean and private.

Oh and did I mention that this feels great? and it’s really really good for you? Do your research on it, try it out and you’ll definitely be hooked. I’m going to keep up with periodic updates here when new info becomes available.

Thanks – Joe A.